Data Services

Data Integration

Oracle provides a multitude of data integration solutions that can be tailored to your environment.  From the next generation of EPM data integration like FDMEE to the powerful integration capabilities of ODI, Innovus has extensive knowledge with these technologies to help customers collect, map, verify and transfer critical metadata and data to the Oracle/Hyperion platform.

Data Warehousing

Oracle’s data warehouse platform delivers business insights across a wide range of activities, from optimizing customer experiences to increasing operational efficiency.  Oracle offers a suite of pre-built data warehouses or technology to create custom-built solutions.  Innovus helps your team leverage these solutions to drive increased innovation, profitability, and a competitive advantage.

Master Data Management

Oracle’s powerful Data Relationship Management (DRM) solution proactively manages changes in master data across operational, analytical and enterprise performance management (Hyperion) silos. Innovus’ implementation team provides guidance in developing solutions that ensure data quality, policy compliance, and cross-functional collaboration  across the enterprise.