Reverse Mortgage Analytics

The InnovusINSIGHT Reverse Mortgage Analytics application provides financial institutions with the tools to optimize business performance. The application is comprised of a suite of dashboards that deliver a bird’s eye view of critical analysis for different aspects of your business. The solution contains analytics in areas such as:

  • Mortgage Funding – analyze your sales cycle from Leads to Registration to Funding
  • Sales Rep Performance – identify who are your best and worst performers and why
  • Channel Revenue– investigate funding from your different channels
  • Marketing Campaign – evaluate how to best allocate your dollars to generate loan opportunities

This offering is a packaged solution complete with dashboards and training.  If needed, InnovusINSIGHT can also be customized to meet the needs unique to your business.


  • Pre-built Dashboards to kick start your analysis
  • Analysis across all aspects of the Reverse Mortgage process
  • Drill down to Funding Details

Includes the Following Dashboards:

  • Executive Summary
  • Sales Rep & Channel Performance Analysis
  • Geo Funding Analysis
  • Geo Funding Analysis by Zip
  • Marketing Campaign Analysis
  • Marketing Campaign Analysis Detail